Mischeif and Shenanigans

Posted on Tue May 3rd, 2022 @ 3:22am by El Plexuco & Security Sasha Reynolds

Mission: This Week's Special
Location: Deck 2
Timeline: 3 hours after assasination attempt

The station was on lockdown, at least that was what the general message on the Cortex said. The Alliance troopers were taking over security and demanded that all shops be closed and a curfew be in effect until morning. Of course there is no real night or day on a skyplex, it circled the planet of Greenleaf every 46 minutes. And the population of the skyplex dramatically outnumbered the limited number of purple bellies on board, and they were not overly inclined to stay home. It's not like a single shot being fired at a politician that ends up just wounding his rent-a-date was a big thing. Old timers remembered the explosion of 27. It ripped a whole right along the side of deck 5 and sucked a bunch of spacers into the black. A silly gunshot meant nothing. So stores stayed open until an alliance patrol stopped by to tell them to close. The merchants would go and get supper on Deck 3 and reopen 30 minutes later. Maybe if they had a real emergency.

Although this left security officer Sasha Reynolds a bit perplexed, her immediate supervisors had been detained by the purple bellies. Since she was a very new hire, there was no real reason to interrogate her. So communications from security dispatch was cut off. But the Plex still needed to be kept secure, even as citizens and visitors with less scrupulous motivations saw the sudden awkwardly handled emergency as an opportunity to score some goods and make a quick profit.

The maze of the Retail Bazaar that occupied most of Deck 2 was still a bustle with people coming and going, despite a wayward eye looking for purple bellies. In truth few of them ventured further than the shops immediately adjacent to the central lifts. There were too few of them, and the area of the Retail Bazaar to vast and confusing when their efforts were needed elsewhere. IN the general confusion, Sasha heard someone yell "Stop! Thief!" A bolt of green rushed through the crowd of people.

Sasha wasn't sure if she should grab the thief with the alliance around or what, So She decided what the hell, and took off for the thief hoping Alliance officers didn't see her with her gun in her hand she ran herself and yelled."Stop thief or I will shoot you." She yelled as she continued to chase him through the one area of the complex.

The thief as clearly short as they dodged in and out of people trying to get out of the way. If she had been on the Plex long she would have made out the green hoodie the perp was clad in to be the normal attire of a Plexie, the young people of the Skyplex that regularly got into all kinds of trouble and mischief. But for now the thief moved through the crowd fairly confident the security officer wouldn't fire and potentially hurt a by-standing shopper.

Sasha continued to run she didn't want to hurt anyone she was going through the people , yelling "Move da -Bleep-over your in my way while I try and catch a Thief."
She was very upset over the crowds of people , they wouldn't move their butts out of her way and making it hard for her to catch a thief hoping The Alliance doesn't get involved to grab her in the process. She just pushed people out of the way and didn't care less who they were, it was the only way she can grab that Stinker.
"Damn you, don't you know how to stop!" she yelled at the thief continued to run after him.

The thief was annoying fleet on their feet and managed to stay just ahead of Sasha. They cut around a corner and suddenly were met by a dazzling array of neon and flashing lights from a nearby store called the Emerald Starcade. The thief dove in the front door as several young people took an immediate step to the side to let them pass and then moved back into their previous positions as Sasha approached. The inside of the store was filled with hologames, and a large group of young people all wearing matching hoodies to the one the perp had on.

Sasha was running as she saw all the same hoods as the purps and shook her head, so she walked slowly taking everyone's hoods off their heads looking for the son of a bitch she kept going on and on doing that as she didn't give a two rats ass what people thought of what Sasha was doing or who she pissed off she was just doing her job looking for the purp.

The actions had the expected reactions, a slew of colorful profanity spewed forth from each kid Sasha pulled a hood back from. As she proceeded through the arcade, groups of kids started moving away from her towards the exit. "Bie woo lohng!" a girl said, throwing back her own hood to show her annoyed face as Sasha approached. "Is there something we can help you with... officer?! You got a purpose here, or are you just plain stupid?" the girl got in Sasha's face as more green clad hoodies pulled in closer to watch the confrontation, some holding up expensive cortex units to record the scene.

Sasha got in the girl's face as she grabbed her,” You the one causing trouble, do I need to turn you in or hand you over to the disgusting alliance I dread so much. “ Sasha said, then she whispered in her ear.” I can do everyone a favor and kill you myself.” Sasha said in her ear as she pulled away with the girl still in her grasp.

The girl gave Sasha a wry smile and took a step back, motioning for the growing crowd to come closer, their cortex units recording the whole exchange. "You want to repeat that? You will do everyone a favor and kill me yourself. Me a student here at the Skyplex. Me, the daughter of the owner of Chang's Gunarama. Do what you gotta do. I am just protesting you walking into a public space and pushing kids around. If that's worth a death sentence in your professional opinion bring it on. I have rights, and you are being uploaded to all the main cortex hubs in this part of the Rim. How bout you walk your way outta here before real trouble starts." she stated defiantly.

Sasha looked at her, "You are going nowhere your heading for The Brig, and seeing my Security chief mack, Sasha kept holding the girl's arm tight and took her to where she needed to go to be held, with no questions asked and she said.
"I don't care who your parents are your a trouble maker, and you're being taken to where you can think of what you did
as she put the shackles on her and headed off by Mack's office where she can sit in the brig and think of what she did
was wrong...

The girl gestured for all the kids surrounding them to keep filming with their cortexes. She then walked along with the officer, not much caring for what she was going on about. She knew she would be out and back on the decks in a hour, and if the recordings of the encounter were spread around enough, it might be her captor ending up in the brig. For now she just kept quiet ready to accept whatever chastisement security might bring her way.

Arriving at the brig, the alert beacon spun around, showing that the security office was in lockdown. Purple bellies guarded the outside of the doors as much commotion could be heard going on inside.