This Week's Special

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Just as things were getting back to normal on the Skyplex, an unexpected dignitary threatens to undermine the fragile stability of the station. Tempers flare as tensions mount on both sides of the law. Something will have to be done to keep order and pull the Skyplex back from the edge of violent insurrection.

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Bright and Shiny things

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The awaited Blue Sun Mega Hauler is docking at the station. It is offloading tons of supplies, mercantile and items hungrily needed by planets around the rim. A crowd of frieghters pack the skyplex looking to make deals they can bring back to their homeworlds for a healthy profit. Some will not be satisfied with their deals, some will want other people's deals, some will take what they want. Others, their deals made and weeks of travel getting to the skyplex and facing weeks of travel back are looking to let off some steam and enjoy some of their hard earned pay. The bars, brothels and casinos are hopping. And in all this activity and turmoil, something new and somewhat ominous has arrived at the skyplex.

Opening Shop

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It’s a time of change at the Skyplex. Alliance troops have finally left the station, after ousting an entrenched underworld syndicate. As normal trade routes have been reopened the Skyplex is starting to do fast business again. The new Dockmaster/Administrator surprisingly comes from an established Skyplex family instead of an outworld bureaucrat. While young, she seems driven to look out for the interests of business owners and do her best to keep the Alliance and the underworld away. As long as its good for business, its on.

A Blue Sun Bulk hauler is due in by week’s end. Small transport ships from aross the rim are on their way to the Skyplex to acquire new goods for their home planets and moons. This spells big business, but also the threat of pulling in a lot of trouble makers. Its time to prepare for whatever happens, because it probably will.