This simulation is rated 222.

This translates as follows:

2- Language
Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations. In general, keep the show in mind. There are several in-universe phrases used instead of swearing, and Chinese phrases are available on our useful links tab.

2- Sexual Content
Sexual content is allowed as necessary, but not encouraged Any story line involving sexual acts must have the prior consent of all writers involved, and may be tagged as 18+. Routine posts of an overtly sexual nature are not permitted.

2- Violence
Explicit violence is permitted. We're in a Space Western, after all. However, keep it within reason.

Posting Policy
Players are expected to publish a post every week. Please note, this does not mean updating tags, but finalizing and publishing a post. The Game Master fully recognizes that sometimes life gets in the way. If this requirement cannot be met, please contact the Game Master.

Leave of Absence Policies
Real life happens. As such, if you need to take a step away from the game, we want to ensure that there are policies in place to support you.

Leave of Absence- If you need to step away for anywhere from 7 to 30 days, please contact the GM with your request, and anticipated length of absence. You can keep your character and position, though your character may be temporarily sidelined In-Character.
Extended Leave of Absence-If you need to step away for 30-60 days, please contact the GM with your request, and anticipated length of absence. Your character may be temporarily written out of the story, but will be able to keep their position.

If you need to be gone longer than 60 days, you may be asked to resign so that your position may be filled by another player. You are always welcome to return, and if the position is open, can reapply.

Other Rules
-In general, the rule of thumb is "Treat others the way you want to be treated".
-Superhero characters (those that can do no wrong, and can fix every problem) can drag down the roleplaying for everyone involved. Allowing your character to have flaws allows for deeper storylines, and to explore topics from different angles.
-Don't edit someone else's post, even for spelling/grammar mistakes. If necessary, the GM will make small edits for clarity, and will inform players of any changes.
-Please remember that even in this semi-lawless universe, actions have consequences. Your character is free to do what they wish, though expect for there to be reactions or consequences for riskier choices. Don't start a large gunfight if you're not willing to be shot and spend time in the infirmary.

These rules will be updated as necessary to provide the best experience for players.