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Civilian Cassandra "Cassie" Morrigan

Name Cassandra "Cassie" Morrigan

Position Drifter

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Homeworld Highgate
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 120 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Cassie looks like she's come from the rustic just about at every turn, boots, button up shirts, pants and on occasion a duster and wide brim hat. She also tends to have her gunbelt on at any given time. This is intentional on her part, a way to remember where she came from and to show she's an outsider here. This isn't her world, but she's not going back to her own world if she can help it.

Cassie's blonde hair goes past her shoulders and only on certain occasions will she do anything special with it. Her blue eyes are often said to be quite sharp, and those that know her know that it's more dangerous when she gets a sparkle in them than to have an icy dagger gaze turned your way.


Father Frank Morrigan - Town Sherriff (Deceased)
Mother Diane Morrigan - Housewife (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cassie once wore a badge in a small backwater town, it was a family tradition. Her mother died when she was born, so she looked up to her father, who was the town sheriff. Cassie was raised in the manner befitting of life on the frontier; be polite, show humility, but don't back out of a fight. She often comments she learned how to ride and shoot before anything in school ever took for her, and so it was only natural she would become a Deputy.

But that came to an end. Her father was dead, she had to shoot dead her two closest friends who had brought the Unification War to her town, and when she couldn't solve it, she had to humiliate herself asking for Federal support.

But that's the past no one gets to hear about.

The Cassie Morrigan people know now is someone else. Arrogant, smug, never far from a card game, pretty girl or a strong drink. Anyone she can't intimidate with smug superiority, she's happy to settle in other ways. She'd almost be comical if she wasn't so deadly.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
--Under the act of the "woman of leisure", Cassie still holds her ideals of not hurting anyone who doesn't have it coming to them and to fight at least somewhat fair. If pushed, she's not going to side with those making the Verse a worse place.
--Just because she'd rather run her mouth and play cards doesn't mean she lost her edge as a gunfighter. On the few occasions she's had to prove it, it didn't end well for the other guy.
--Cassie is true to her word and true to her friends. The few people she can still call friend and the few times she gives her word, God Himself wouldn't be able to stop her from honoring her word or being there for her friends

--Deep down inside, Cassie hates what she's become. Every day she wakes up and feels like she's spitting on her dad's grave. But the day she had to shoot her two friends and beg the Feds to intervene in the gang war, she failed him in her mind.
--Cassie has no problem with saying what she thinks and not filtering it, tact is a gift she graces to those she likes. Brutal honesty and glib observations are weapons that cut both ways.
--Cassie has no intention of walking away from a fight, and the drunker she gets, the higher the probability she has of getting into a fight, even if she really shouldn't...
Ambitions Cassie's only ambition right now is to never go back home and face what she did. Perhaps quietly, she's waiting for someone who will best her and bring it all to an end.
Hobbies & Interests Card games are her favorite, she's not a fan of roulette or betting on fights or races. She's gotten quite good at card games, knowing it's not just what you're holding but also playing mind games with the other players at the table. And if that fails, there's outright belligerence and threats...

She is quite familiar with firearms, both shooting and identifying them.

Personal History Cassie was born an only child, her mother dying not long after giving birth. Her father was the town sheriff of a small backwater town, mostly ranchers and the like. It was one of those towns where all the kids grew up together, they all knew one another. Cassie looked up to her father, a firm but fair lawman in a small town and it was clear she would be taking up the trade from him.

When the Unification War broke out, that was a far away thing other people were fighting. Propaganda hit the town and people drew their lines but it was barroom foolishness. Two of Cassie's closest friends went off to fight the war, however. One enlisted with the Alliance, the other joined the Independents. It was still a far off thing that wasn't any importance to Cassie. But one and then the other came back from the war, they bore wounds both physical and mental.

And they brought the war back with them. It broke Cassie's heart seeing her two friends against each other but then they both raised their own gangs to be militia to fight the war even as the Alliance crushed any hopes of an Independent Victory at Serenity Valley. At first, it was still just gang foolishness. Pretending to fight a war that was about to end in some twisted fantasy world. But where her father said it would end once someone got hurt, it did the opposite. The first fatality only saw more people jump in.

After two bars got burned to the ground in the same night and several innocent people were shot dead, as both sides were treating neutral parties as hostiles; an irony that for all the differences they claimed to have, they acted the same under different colors. Cassie and her father organized an armed posse and rode after the culprits. Shotgun in hand, Cassie's father demanded an end to this foolishness.

Cassie instead was forced to watch as one of her friends, with a face of stone, held a smoking gun while her father fell to the ground with a bullet in his head. The gunfight left people dead on either side, but Cassie was now the de-facto Sheriff and full of pure hate and anger. She tried to resolve the problem with violence - anyone associate with either gang at best went to jail, and at worst would hang by sundown. It discouraged further recruitment but she couldn't stop the ringleaders and people were losing faith in her.

At long last, Cassie had no choice but to reach out to the nearest Fed outpost and ask for armed support. It was humiliating but the Feds were all too fine with showing up and gunning down both gangs in one night. Cassie, however, took responsibility and got both leaders in one room. In cold blood, she shot them both dead and turned in her badge the next day.

A comedy of errors in her flight from Highgate left her stranded on Greenleaf and she wound up deciding to stay an drown her sorrows in drink, cards and whatever pretty woman would join her in bed that night.