Station Services Killian Smew

Name Killian Silas Smew

Position Repair Technician

Rank Station Services

Character Information

Gender Male
Homeworld Balkerne
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5’8
Weight 170
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Killian has a fairly average build. He is not a strong man. He has relatively light skin, with black hair that extends just beyond his ears but is usually tied back. He is clean shaven and has dark brown eyes framed by rather severe facial features. He might not be strong or traditionally handsome, but he does have a
“pretty” face. He has a golden hoop earing in each ear, and a golden chain necklace that looks like it was made for a woman. On the end of it is a tiny glass container with one of those commemorative grains of rice engraved with a name. He wears relatively fancy clothes, almost always loose and flowing rather than fitting, and usually with dark, neutral colors.


Spouse Julia Smew (31 at death, deceased)
Children Silas Smew (2 at death, deceased)
Father Thomas Smew (75 at death, deceased)
Mother Olivia Wren (60)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Killian is not a great man. He is quite risk adverse and enjoys pleasures more than difficulties. Some might call him lazy, but all call him greedy. He wants wealth. He wants power. He cares about such things more than he cares about morals or his own wellbeing, though to be fair, that isn’t saying much. He honestly doesn’t care about even wealth too much anymore. He can’t handle even the slightest pain and has not a single loyal bone in his body. That being said, he does have a couple good traits as well. He is very intelligent. He loves children. He is confident in his abilities, and unless pain is involved keeps a level head. He’s pragmatic. While he is rarely loyal to a person or cause, he does usually stick with something if he says it. He has given up trying to be the good person he always aspired to and is now simply content to half-live without putting much conviction or enthusiasm towards anything he does.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
-Repair skills
Ambitions Honestly, not much any longer. He’s just living day by day, doing his job without thinking about it all too hard. He wants money. He believes that with enough money, nothing can hurt you or your family. He used to be very ambitious with his career and family, but hasn’t picked up another dream since then. Hopefully while on the skyplex he will find something new to live for.
Hobbies & Interests Killian likes his job, or at least he used to. He likes repairs, he likes programming on the cortex. He also keeps exotic game birds (he has a decently sized place on the Skyplex), but he isn’t always the kindest towards them. He sometimes grows bored of them and sells them to wealthy visitors for sport hunting on Greenleaf, or for other illicit purposes.

Personal History On Balkerne, Killian was the top of his class. He was a prodigy in math and technology, and often travelled to the nearby Londinium for competitions while in school. Despite growing up in a poor household, everything came fairly easy for him. He received scholarships, studied under many well known people, and lived in relative luxury when he moved to Londinium at 18. He started a position for a large technology company that serviced the cortex and quickly moved up due to his prowess, ambition and charisma (the latter two of which he now lacks). He married one of his old teammates from school named Julia, who also moved to Londinium. They had a child together, named Silas after Killian’s grandfather, when Killian turned 28, and Killian was determined to be the best father he could be. Up until he turned 30, Killian’s life was a picture perfect, textbook example of a rags to riches tale in the technology business.

When his son turned two, the kid was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Killian would not accept that. He spent his entire fortune on trying to find a cure. When the kid died, he continued spending, only this time on alcohol and drugs and gambling. He lost his job. When his wife confronted him, he kicked out of the house. She was found dead a week later. When he heard of this, he was wracked with grief even further. He did manage to stop drinking and come clean from the drugs, but he also stopped caring about much. He didn’t really stand a chance of getting a good job back on Londinium after what happened with his last employer, so he moved out to any job with decent pay and good living conditions he could find, which happened to be as a repair technician on the Greenleaf Skyplex.
Service Record --Education:
Attended University on Londinium, studying Electronic Engineering