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Civilian Reka Chítang

Name Reka Chítang

Position Shop Employee

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Homeworld Hera
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 98 lbs.
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Light Green
Physical Description Short and thin, Reka is unassuming to most, and she does little to make herself stand out in anyway. She tend to wear paler colors and short skirts. She keeps her hair short and avoids makeup unless she really has to wear it. Because of her height and soft face, she is often seen as much younger than she really is.


Spouse Edward Chitang, Divorced
Children Emi Chitang, 8 y/o daughter
Father Kruzhka Cangshu
Mother Tuzi Cangshu
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Byk Cangshu, Uncle on Mother's Side

Personality & Traits

General Overview Good natured but quiet, Reka has an air of hopefulness to her. She will never pass by someone she see's needs help and even if it costs her last cent, she will never turn anyone away. The result has left her without much of her own or really even two cents to rub together.

Immature to a fault, Reka had to grow up too fast. The result is she's not the best mother to her daughter and she isn't the hardest worker. Her lack of ambition and ignoring the important things in her life has lead her to living well below the life she could. But years of drifting have left her perhaps a bit too broken to really think about fixing herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
In Plain Sight - Not exactly a looker or overly charismatic, Reka is downright forgettable. The result is most just look past her. If she wants she can avoid attention, though she does struggle to get it when she wants it.
Sweet and Cheerful - Despite a life in the gutter, Reka believes in the general goodness of the world and the people she meets. This might get her in trouble, but it is also her most endearing quality.

Dead Broke - Life is just too dang expensive and despite her best efforts Reka cannot seem to keep money on hand for anything.
Easy Mark - Trusting to a fault, Reka is a sucker for almost every scam that comes her way.
Prejudice - Not to go into it here, but Reka hates those who fought for what she calls the Insurrection, aka the Browncoats.
Things Don’t Go Smooth - When it comes to luck, Reka has none. She seems to always find herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Weak Stomach - When blood and guts come up, so does Reka's lunch. She can't handle the ight of blood and will either get sick or have an emotional breakdown.
Ambitions Reka has no real ambition beyond just getting by and providing for the people who count on her, epecially her daughter. She hopes one day all the charity will come back to her, but karma is a bitch.
Hobbies & Interests Even though she should be focused on her daughter, Reka enjoys spending nights out roller skating and dancing. She loves to try new things, especially when it's some new drink at the locale watering hole. She is always up to hit the club and ditch work, even though it does get her in a bit of trouble.

Personal History Born on Hera before the war, and for most of her life she lived peacefully. She lived and worked on her families farm in a peaceful valley located between of couple of the larger cities. Her family only owned a small scrap of land, but for the first ten years of her life it was peaceful.

It was at ten that the war began and it seemed as if immediately there were soldiers. Soldiers who cut up her fathers field to make their camps, soldiers who threatened her father and mother if they dared to complain about the destruction of their lively hood. Soldiers who aid they were there to make sure her family was free. It would be years before she felt free again.

Her family quickly became dependent upon the soldiers for everything, carving out a meager life, unable to grow their crops or tend to their animals as most of their livestock was taken to feed the troops and what wasn't slaughtered for food was taken by the soldiers all the same. She once saw a couple of them using one of the work oxen for target practice, watching as the great beast died in agony.

She grew to hate those soldiers and as the war dragged on they got worse. When a soldier came into their house drunk and tried to force her mother to sexually satisfy him, her father got his gun and defended his family with lethal force. She watched when the soldiers executed her father, she was forced to. The soldiers then claimed the house fully and used her and her mother, as the captain of the unit in charge of her families small farm, as stress relief. They were brutal and cruel men and she would grow to hate them. At night she would pray for the Alliance to come and end it. She wanted death and she wanted it for all of them.

All to young she found herself pregnant and would give birth to a child she did not know the father of. Yet it seemed like once she had a baby in her arms, the soldiers viewed her differently. They did not view her mother any differently and after she gave birth she saw little of her mother for the rest of the war.

The war ended with her family farm reduced to ashes. Te soldiers dug in deep and the Alliance rained fire down upon them. It burned the soldiers and it burned her mother. Her mother would be taken into custody and would die some time later in a facility for the mentally insane. Alone and with a daughter of her own she set out in search of work.

Being just about an adult she was left on her own and that meant menial work where she could find it. She didn't have much schooling and she was a farmers daughter, so it wasn't like she had skills to fall back on. She was a single mother alone in the verse and for a time relied on the help of anyone who would give her help. If the soldiers had diminished her in optimism it was only that she spoke less, yet she still believed in people and would help any who would ask. This meant her bills didn't get paid sometimes, but she believed in people.

Life would lead her eventually to Green Leaf, where she would find a good paying job at Ms. Lacy's Unmentionables. There she could afford some childcare for her now eight year old daughter as well as a small, but decent apartment. Money was tight, but thanks to the help of a few wealthier people she manages to get by.