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Station Services Melan Kholia

Name Melan Kholia

Position Companion

Rank Station Services

Character Information

Gender Female
Homeworld Osiris
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 125 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description With a gentle smile, light blonde hair that hangs down to her shoulders, and make-up that will never smear, Melan tends to look a vision of elegance and class. Seen almost exclusively in fine dresses and robes, always appearing to be in clothing that costs more than the average dockworker will make in a month. Slightly below average height, she tends to compensate with high heels ranging from three to four inches that add to her height. As such she tends to look taller than she really is, though it does make her butt and legs look fantastic.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Micheal Kholia
Mother Morgan Kholia
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Michelle Kholia
Other Family Numerous family scattered around the core worlds.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Seemingly soft-spoken and oddly submissive, Melan seems to go along to the flow. Those who know her would claim she needs to be protected and tended to, believing her to be a fragile woman who needs the help of the big strong men around her. Though in truth her submission tends to be more of an act and she has a special skill manipulating others around her to care for her. In truth she is cold and self-serving, tending to keep the truth of herself hidden.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Allure - Beautiful to a fault with make-up that never smears, Melan is a truly exquisite creature.
Friends in High Places - Melan is highly connected having worked with members of the highest levels of society.
Heavy Tolerance - Melan is trained to handle her liquor and has developed a heavy tolerance to most types of drugs.
Highly Educated - Melan went to school on Shinon for most of her life to be trained in a wide array of subjects to properly act as a Companion.
Moneyed Individual - Melan has made a lot of money over her career and combined with her frugal lifestyle, she has amassed a great deal of money.

Amorous - Partially because of her training and partially just because of her experience, Melan sees everything as being about sex and she is usually more than happy to indulge, for a price.
Combat Paralysis - When the bullets start to fly, Melan tends to freeze and disappear at the earliest convenience, usually hiding under a table somewhere.
Forked Tongue - Melan is a skilled liar, to the point that it is nearly impossible to tell when she is telling the truth and when she is lying. It's gotten to the point that she doesn't know the real truth in many matters anymore.
Memorable - Strikingly beautiful and with an unforgettable demure personality, once you have spent time with Melan, you won't forget her.
Overconfident - With a firm grasp of social engineering, Melan has developed an overconfidence believing she can get her way out of any situation she finds herself in.
Ambitions For now, Melan only wishes to grow her bank account so that when she retires she can live comfortably, she so far has no plan of when she may retire.
Hobbies & Interests When not on her job or pursuing potential clients, Melan enjoys going to the spa and pampering herself. She enjoys massages and it is in fact one of the few ways to touch her without having your bank account drained.

Personal History Born on Osiris to a Senator and a Diplomat, Melan was involved in the world of the high class from a young age. When she tested high in empathy and manipulation as a child on several placement tests she became interested in becoming a companion. Being a job of high enough social standing her parents did not immediately object to her desire to be a companion, but there were not as supportive as they would later claim they were.

She would get them to agree to let her attend classes on Sihnon where she would begin her training in arts and philosophy. Her high grades would convince her parents to allow her to stay and as she grew older she would begin her companion training in earnest.

It was not easy, but she became quite skilled in social engineering and manipulation, two skills that are quite important as a companion. She did well enough of subjects like art and music, learning massage and other forms of providing physical comfort as she grew into a woman. By the time she left the training hall, she had grown into a beautiful, yet cold woman.

For her first few years as a companion, she remained on Sihnon, only leaving the planet to attend events for her family. Her parents were quite proud of her when they did get to spend time with her, having grown into an apparently gentle and demur woman.

Things could not have gone better until a client grew attached. It was not a problem at first, but over time the client grew more and more jealous, going so far as to challenge another client of hers to a duel. Luckily neither died, but it was clear to Melan that she could not afford to remain in a position where her clients would get so attached. She instead elected to set up shop someplace quieter. She was a skilled enough companion she knew clients would find her, her reviews on the official register were impeccable.

In the end, she would set up shop on the Greenleaf Skyplex, taking up a couple of rooms at the Tenzing Momo Spa and Hotel. One where she would conduct her business and the other to act as her home, firmly believing one should not work where one sleeps.
Service Record None