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Alliance Alice LeMat

Name Alice J LeMat

Position Alliance Marshal

Second Position Racer

Rank Alliance

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 205 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description LeMat is an average seeming man on the first glance; he has the build of an athlete under the ‘covering he keep deliberately a bit deceiving, best fit off the rack but clean. He is very aware of his grooming and appearance. Not a pretty Boy and has dashing features and as his profession is rough and tumble he has has no scars to be intimidating. He looks more like a gentleman in the duster and hat when he wears one.

He is a gentleman type; he speaks well and is precise with his words. Listen well as he is a man of his ‘Word’ in more ways than one. He is polite; even to the scumbags he takes in and likes to admire the beauty of a woman and portrays the more roguish gentleman.


Father Aston
Mother Eliza

Personality & Traits

General Overview LeMat is cultured, his Father a well known Gunsmith of fine Weapons and his Father taught him what a fine weapon can be and as such Alice knows guns. He can use them as some of his past involves lessons from less reputable teachers. Thus Alice got a First Hand education on the Criminal elemnts. He took this knowledge nad rallied it into his study of Criminology; the Criminal mind, to help in his desire to understand Both Good Men and Evil ones. He has a sense of Justice that is skewed as his Father did business with all sides and Alice secretly hated how his father gave into paying ‘Protection’ money and building weapons for killers. It was this hatred of what the gun was to his father that made Alice not become a Gunsmith. Also learning the knife and how to use a long gun and especially a rifle and any scope from men who did it for a living.

While his father was a man who helped build the darker side of Alice’s views on life, his mother was a loving woman that taught him the needle and how beautiful things can be. Her fashion shop with the fine ladies; and very cute daughters, Alice was one to take his manners and appearance seriously. He was around women of quality and sought their company, thus a Gentleman as his mother had it no other way. He wanted to keep those fine ladies and the beautiful things in life safe.

It was in his college study of Criminals that Alice was exiled from his Gentleman’s lifestyle; criminals do not like Lawmen to know much of them. Alice is not a ‘stool-pigeon’ but he did go after any criminal he did not know personally or by association. Thus he went further out of the Inner systems to be a Lawman. And when back-stabbed and cheated of justice turned his back on the law. His trust are few and cherished and his Gentleman status there but more of a rogue now.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths are he is a gentleman even as a rogue in his career; his few friends are closely guarded and hard to become a member of. He will not waste bullets or effort on ‘unsavory’ endeavors nor will he directly do evil. He is equally gifted shooting with either hand and is a dead-eye shot. His morals tend to make him bullet minded and not to waste them or people if it is not called for.

What is not a strength is his drawing speed; while fast in an even fight; no fight is even. He tend to use long guns and shoots people on the run; some think it kind of evil as he will let them run and wing them just when it suits. He is a gentleman to a degree and has cost him some trust issues. He is tending more rogue type now. His code of Justice is a failing as he likes them not Dead more than maybe needed. He hunts ‘Wanted’ and the ‘dead or alive’ is secondary.
Ambitions Collect enough to retire and be forgotten
Hobbies & Interests Ship Racing; fast scout, that is his baby. He studies journals of psychology, salvage and repair of guns for his own use. He has a Scout Class ship that he adapted to racing for quick cash and has a reputation on the circuit. He enjoys tailoring with embroidery or Needle Point pieces for additional cash. He likes to read on many subjects. Sharpshooting and Target competitions. He is a man who knows fine dining and manners. He prefers the company of more poised ladies; likes Companions but would rather have genuine companionship. Not a card player by nature but can play. He has a weakness fr good wines and even blends his own coffee. He is a Sharpshooter and Sniper with a hand at Trick Shooting.

Personal History LeMat’s Father is a well known Gunsmith of fine Weapons; treasure custom jobs that went for a high price on both markets. He was never one to make waves and since LeMat’s Father believed that Guns do not kill people; it is the hand upon the trigger, he made very good business and could afford to pay in favor or money enough to keep his business protected. As such LeMat was given a fine education, those he created for also added education to Young LeMat schools and scholarships to higher education.. While working to help his father LeMat learned the value of fine weapons and how to tell what is salvage or fine craftsmanship. He knew how to clean and maintain weapons but did not delve into the creation as he did not have the imagination of his father. A good lad at repair and maintaining a weapon but not to design. He was also taught by the best; the underworld could bring for fine weapons, how to use the guns. While LeMat never was the fastest; above the average in speed but never the Fine art of the draw and shoot. Preferring the Long Gun and longer barrel weapons. The Clientele helped LeMat learn a good boxing based Street brawling style with an emphasis on knives and short blades rather than swords and those ‘High brow’ dueling weapons.

His mother was a seamstress and embroidery artisan as renown as her Husband is among Gunsmiths; she would show her sone how to mend; sew and her fine trick of embroidery. Many of his mothers boutique dresses had LeMat’s stitching among the high prices blouses and other garments. LeMat kept ths skill to fix his own clothing and make some Side money as ‘Else’s Fine embroidery’ making both needlepoint works as well as fine garments that are sold through other vendors that purchase them from LeMat. All under the table so lower than boutique prices but well above those of a simple seamstress would ever make. It was a quiet passion of his.

Through some connections of the unruly lot, LeMat was introduced to the Art of Racing; taking small ships and putting in performance parts to get the maximum speed. LeMat was witness to a few of the more eccentric types backed or raced themselves. Younger LeMat was allowed to help build and act in pit crew. He even started to build his own racer at a young age; learning every aspect of it that they would teach him.

Once from school; his higher educations so to avoid being drafted into the War, LeMat was a man who studied the Law; his father’s unruly clients pegged him for a Criminal Lawyer in the making; emphasis on Criminal. Many of the Father’s Associates tried to give him extra money ‘just to help’ but LeMat had what is needed.

LeMat went to Criminology; the study of the Criminal mind, it took them all by surprise. LeMat saw what these men did and how they were ; this enhanced his study of the Criminal profiling. He wanted to go into being a Lawman that knew the Criminal mindset. He started to do his ‘Internship’ under a Constabulary Organization and helped with profiling and tracking criminals. He never let it be known of his list of associates; his father’s business while questionable had the higher level of clients that allowed LeMat to pass Security checks. He hunted down known criminals in that city and avoided taking cases of any ‘Client or known associate’ of his past. He liked breathing, but this helped some of those clients of his Fathers and when they confront LeMat he said ‘you avoid coming into my sights and I will never look for or have you looked upon.’ These men had never done him wrong; only the Law hated them, he just wash his hands of them.

The Clients ostracized him; suddenly he was an enemy of some top level ‘Legit Criminals’ that the Law cannot touch. If LeMat kept to those circles he would unavoidably be in a Conflict of Interests. Rather than put his family at risk; and himself, he graduated and left for outer systems where those known hands were not reaching.

Knowing that would help him in his duties. He quickly got brought into the Law side of things as he could Profile criminals; he had experiences with many types of the more ‘Hardened as well as the Smooth Criminals.’ He made a fine investigative Deputy; and it was his attention to detail and how to note the criminal ‘Signature’ that rose him quickly in the Ranks to a Marshal. He had a reputation through his tracking Criminals like a ‘Hunting Dog’ and his ability to find a trail to follow by their habits. He was working the outer rim with a fellow deputy chasing down a Known Embezzler seen in this vicinity. It was his desire for a special type of Companion; or companions, as he tended to like having two women; one to do the serving and the other servicing him. There are not many of those so it was easy to track. When confronted LeMat made mistake of taking said Deputy to watch his back; not realized the Minx was one of the Embezzler’s girlfriends and was shot in the back. Only his vest had saved him; rolling aside he shot the culprit in the shoulder spinning him around just as the Deputy tried to reset her aim… close range was hard for LeMat to miss.

Separating himself from Alliance style Law Enforcement LeMat dedicated some well needed time into some hobbies; it was either that or dink away times as his dedication and learning were meant to be fr catching Criminals and the fact the Badge is not what it used to be. He started to compete with his Scout Class ship; it was a ‘Fast Mover’ before he got his wrench on it; it then became really quick. The rush and coin earned helped him through a difficult time. In the lull and to get money he even ‘Ran Deliveries of Cargo and was fast enough to outrun trouble for the few times he needed. Some of his old connections needed some fast deliveries; even the Alliance would trust a Former Law Man to take some small payvouchers to a destination. He did not have the capacity for large cargo but he got it there fast and usually under the radar.

LeMat’s path crossed with a man that came to LeMat looking for help with an old case; the perp had broken out and was on the run. The Bounty Hunter offered equal shares if LeMat helped track him. That one chain of events changed LeMat point of view in career. Bounty Hunting was chasing down criminals and bringing to justice, that he could do.
His skill set was enough; he was good at following the trails of a perp; while his gun skills were spot on; he was not the fastest gun; he was well higher than average but preferred the long gun and rifle so his speed was not in an elite class. He focus on accurate; give him count of three and he does not miss. He is deadly with a scope, his mechanic skills keeps the ship going fast to pursue while his basic reputation is one that gets job done and not really a hired gun but a tenacious Bounty Hunter whole is like a Hunting Dog on the scent. It did not take him long to have his name about in certain circles.

When the Bounties were not coming easy LeMat tended to race; it was a hobby and passion that he could indulge and is good at. He is a fair shot and joined a few competitions bot team and single. The first year in the Bounty Trade he had to get license; his background sped that through, and he was not a known commodity to those that paid the bounties. He had a few fellow hunters that ‘teamed up’ on harder cases but the Partner had the contract so more credit him and only mention LeMat. Over time he got a name as he is LeMat the Bloodhound, that reputation is enough to get some people running a little harder to get a head-start.

A bounty that LeMat hunted ran to a dirt ball of a planet to lay low; LeMat found him hold-up with a family; two kids, and the Perp was using the kid as shield. Calling for LeMat to drop his double rig and move ten paces; all the while LeMat watched the perp. The second it took to push the kid aside to get a better angle to shoot is all LeMat needed to sidestep; draw the small shoulder gun and drop the Perp; fifteen seconds and a head shot was easy. No one using kids as shields need be taken alive. He got the bounty and left the kids to cry in parent’s arms. Had he his old heart and vantage; the kid and he might have been dead. But word got around that LeMat took a shot with kid-shield and things got complected. His Gentleman reputation soon came to a dark Gentleman handle really quick.

Kicking around the systems a bit brought LeMat into certain circles; one of them being the 3rd cousin of an Old Client; Dusty Macchini had no luck; his family knew it and sent him to the outer systems just to keep him out of the hornet’s nest he had started by Killing a Rival’s nephew in a duel. The kid was a bystander during a duel; an accident, but the kid’s head was blown half off. LeMat being privy to Bounties, and even a Contract or two that had the “Or Alive’ in the clause. That was a dirty business; when the criminal wanted a bad fish among their own brought in alive; best to have the Hit-man find them first. Still those bounties are high paying and depending on the circumstances the Victim; AKA VIC, is a scumbag anyway and best to be taken from society as a whole. Macchini did not mean to be a bad shot he just got flustered when being shot at, shooting VIC in the back more his style. The representative of the man who taught LeMat to shoot was assigned the task, but way out here would have taken time; he called in a favor of LeMat. Who did not want the dirty job but owed the man. He tracked Macchini down to where his choice of Brothel in a town; threatened to shoot his manhood if Dusty did not surrendered and drag him out. The terms very clear on the contract; literally drag him to the Ship and put him in cargo, that was pressurized, and deliver the ‘cargo’ to a local low- bottom feeder of a contact of the family. The look on Dusty’s face as it was a butcher shop that LeMat delivered the Bounty; got a good paycheck and declined offer to see what happens to a ‘blind shooting, pultry-hearted, kid killers?

LeMat never look back and got the hell away.

Once in a while the Bounty is for a kid that ran off with love sick stupidity or a lacky to make Daddy mad. LeMat had a few of those; rich brats that had less sense than money. Dragging those Socialites and Criminal Daughters back to Daddy paid well. Not an often occurrence but good pay. The word came through that work was steady at Greenleaf Skyplex; Bounty Hunters were considered an asset in some ways; which is better than usual, and other work came down the pike for a good man with skills.

He set his course in that direction.