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Black Market Arturo Rosso

Name Arturo Giuseppe Rosso

Position Casino Security

Rank Black Market

Character Information

Gender Male
Homeworld Osiris
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 1.89m
Weight 85kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall, athletic, and extremely handsome, Arturo had no problem seducing his way through the daughters of the richest families on Osiris (or so he thought). But is he more than just a guy with a pretty face, bedroom eyes, and big muscles who’s skilled in the bedroom and good in a fight? Driven from everything he knows, Arturo hopes to find out.


Children None that the ladies of Osiris have told him about.
Father Leonardo Rosso
Mother Isabella Rosso
Other Family Martial prowess and really good pasta sauce aren't all the Rosso family and their community brought with them from Earth That Was. The Mafia is alive and well and while Arturo and his parents weren't directly involved with the Mafia on Osiris, there exist familial connections to the Lastra crime family, connections Arturo can call upon if he needs to.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arturo is lost and heartbroken, driven from his home by his own foolishness and immaturity. Out on his own for the first time and far from everything he knows and loves, he will need to grow up fast if he is to survive.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS: As the son of a European Martial Arts instructor, the former delight of fashionable young ladies of Osiris (until he made the mistake of falling in love with one of them), is quick with a variety of Italian and Sicilian weapons of the Renaissance and beyond (swords, rapiers, daggers, knives, sticks, lances, poleaxes, straight razors), as well as Roman and Italian Boxing/Grappling arts, and Italian and Sicilian stick fighting.

WEAKNESSES: Arturo was, until recently, a bit of a rutting cad, intent on sleeping his way through the ladies of Osiris’s elite. Then he made the mistake of falling in love with one, only to have his heart smashed… crushed… shattered into a thousand pieces! (Cue melodramatic music) He is rather immature in general at times, and has discovered that he is especially naive about women. He thought he had been seducing them, only to find that they had been using him as a toy. Now he is struggling with his broken heart and his new perspectives on women. He no longer wishes to be a feral tomcat, rutting with whoever strikes his fancy, but he doesn’t yet know how to be anything else.
Ambitions To find success, love, and happiness... but in the immediate to find a way to survive.
Hobbies & Interests Women (despite his recent experiences with them), European Martial Arts, tales of the swordsmen and heroes of Earth That Was.

Personal History Arturo Rosso was born and raised on Osiris. He is the child of people from Sicily on Earth That Was, who have kept their culture as best they can. Food, music, language, and especially their martial culture. Arturo was raised learning all of the components of Armizare (Long Sword, Arming Sword, Lance, Dagger, Grappling, Poleaxe, even mounted combat), as well as Italian Fencing, Roman Pankration, various Italian and Sicilian stick and knife fighting styles of the common people. He even learned how to fight with a straight razor. How did he have time for all of this? Simple. The Rossos taught European martial skills to the elite of Osiris. Arturo was being trained to take over for his elders.

While being the teachers of the elite gave the Rossos a certain level of status, it did not make them true nobility. So Arturo’s apparent plan to passionately “work his way through” as many young noble girls as he could sweet talk out of their clothing (or sometimes with most of their clothing on…) was problematic at best. This was multiplied when he fell in love with one of them. She was fated to marry another and, unfortunately for Arturo, that worked just fine for her. She’d never considered his affections as anything other than a frivolous, if extremely enjoyable, dalliance. Fun for a while, but to be discarded like a toy one had outgrown. Rutting cad turned hopeless romantic, Arturo thought his aristocratic lover was being coerced into marrying against her will and challenged her intended husband to a duel. Arturo easily bested the man, but in his eagerness to win the hand of his heart’s desire, Arturo wounded the man badly. Arturo ran and sought out his noble lover. He asked her to come away with him, away from everyone trying to keep them apart… and she laughed in his face and called for the authorities. Heartbroken, Arturo narrowly escaped capture. His family brokered a deal: Arturo would leave the Core, never to return, in exchange for which, if the nobleman survived his wounds, young Arturo would not be pursued. If the nobleman died of his wounds, or if Arturo ever returned to the Core, the heartbroken young man would be arrested and publicly executed.

Young Arturo has made his way to Greenleaf Skyplex in search of a new life, far from home.