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Plexie Natalya Petrovich

Name Natalya Petrovich

Position Plexie

Second Position Plexie

Rank Plexie

Character Information

Gender Female
Homeworld Greenleaf Skyplex
Age 17

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4''
Weight 108 lbs
Hair Color Black with ever changing dyed colors
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Bordering on short, Natalya has a slender, typical teenager physique. Her eyes are a startling clear blue and her long black hairs tends to be transformed sporadically with different colored streaks. When working she wears the standard polo, but while roaming the Skyplex she wears leathery things with plenty of silvery buckles and whatnots. And boots. Yes, that might just be a green hoodie tucked away there...


Father Sasha Petrovich, Age 53, Owner Donut Czar Us
Mother Anoinette Petrovich, Age 48
Brother(s) Sergi Petrovich, Age 27 Dock Operations
Dimitri Petrovich, Age 30 Donut Czar US Manager
Sister(s) Oksanna Petrovich, age 24- customs worker
Other Family The Petrovich Family is made up of a tremendous amount of Uncles, Aunts and Cousins. Despite rumors of ties to the Slavic Underworld, Sasha, the family patriarch insists they are just a close family business.

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests * "Shopping"
* Hanging out with her friends

Personal History *Born and raised on the Skyplex

*Russian, parents own and operate the doughnut shop, Donuts-Czar-Us. It is rumored to be a front for the mafia.

*Like her older sister before her, Natalya works part time at the shop. Reluctantly. It gives the teen enough cash to pretend she can afford the clothes and accessories.

*The rest, well, she is a plexie.