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Skyplex Administration Scarlett Wilson

Name Scarlett Newman Wilson

Position Dockmaster

Second Position Plexie

Rank Skyplex Administration

Character Information

Gender Female
Homeworld Greenleaf Skyplex
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 130
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Scarlett is tall and thin. She has a pale complexion and some freckles. She has long Red Hair.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Craig Wilson, 45, Former Dockmaster, whereabouts Unknown.
Mother Audrey Newman, 40, Deceased, Sales Rep.
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Personality: Scarlett is very temperamental. While she is normally very polite and friendly to people, she has little patience for stupidity or stubbornness. She is not a military person, but she will shoot you if you get on her bad side. Not that she likes killing, she just likes being dead less.
Ambitions Do her job, get paid. Make tons of money and visit the Core.
Hobbies & Interests Tourism and entrepreneurial ventures.

Personal History Scarlett was brought up on the bustling Greenleaf Skyplex. Her father was the administrator and Dockmaster, so she knew everyone and every inch of the station. Needless to say she grew up with an distinct appreciation and passion for commerce and making money. She received her first job at 14 year s of age at the Donut-Czar-Us on the Skyplex hub level. She then moved into docking operations and gradually worked most of the support jobs at the station. In her spare time she tried anything she could to form businesses and make money. She ran a lemonade stand, made jewelry, made courier deliveries, sold Cortex units and even wrote a handbook for settlers arriving at the rim. Nothing made her wealthy, but she knew how to turn a legitimate buck when needed.

Her family always paid their dues to the Alliance, the guilds and anyo ther group requiring tribute. They remained neutral during the war, keeping the Skyplex open for any that could do business. Some years later, her Father was accused of harboring ex-browncoats. Eventually he was cleared of the charges, but the legal expenses and suspicion effectively ended his career at the Skyplex. Scarlett took over the administrator's post despite her gender, age and potentially being the relative of a suspected traitor. She held the position for two years before the Skyplex was effectively bought by criminal elements. She took to the Black to find work and make her fortune away from the crime and redtape of Greenleaf. She found being a young woman with red hair often closed doors to employment. This was the Rim, not the egalitarian utopia of the Core. Depite her best attempts she could never make passage to the inner worlds. She ended up working in back water world like Aker's Bluff and Whitefall.

In time the Alliance cracked down on the criminal activites on Greenleaf. Out of funds and down on luck, Scarlett applied for the position she and her father had once held. Surprisingly she got the job. The station had changed in the last few years. The underworld still held a strong grip on many businesses, and only close cooperation between business owners and the syndicate kept the Alliance out. Scarlett had to learn a whole new way to interact with others on her home station.
Service Record Education/Credentials:
o GRE Greenleaf Skyplex Educational Center
o AA Degree, Business Administration, University of Greenleaf Cortex Extension
o Emergency Procedure Certification
o Port Documentation Certification

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin

Religion: Catholic Not extremely religious. Has a basic understanding of doctrine, but seriously questions if God is actually paying any attention to the Verse.

Quote: Oh God! What now...